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SEO HoustonHouston SEO is a results-oriented SEO service business. We are located in Houston, Texas. Our clients, however, can be anywhere in the World.

Not Just SEO but your Premier Internet Marketing FIRM 

Our goal is to work very diligently to optimize businesses’ websites in order to increase their natural organic search rankings. We have a successful track record in getting clients on the 1st Page of Google organic search in less than 120 days. Now, we cannot guarantee that all of our future clients will be found on the 1st Page in this same time frame but we will work tirelessly to increase your Google organic rankings. And, a local company needs a website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without a doubt, most people search online for products and services within their local community. So, why not have our company get your website ranked on the 1st Page so that potential customers can find and do business with you.

However, getting ranked can take anywhere from just a few days (with existing sites 1+ years old) to 30-90 days or even 6-12 months or more for new sites, depending on the competition. And, Google has a sandbox filter, which is a dampening filter applied to new sites that prevents them from ranking well or at all on purpose, until they prove they are going to stick around and gain some trust with Google. The sandbox filtering seems to last between 3 and 12 months from the site’s launch date. It is not unusual for a new site to show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for a couple of weeks after being launched, and then to fall out completely until the sandbox filter has been removed. If this happens to you, don’t go crazy, it will come back!


Small Businesses vs Large Corporations 

One of our small business clients has highly competitive keywords/phrases and their top Google organic search competitors are large corporations. Two of them have been in business for over 60 years and both do business nationally. The names of these corporations are Coit Carpet Cleaning and Blackmon Mooring. Furthermore, when we did our Discovery/Due Diligence on our client’s business, we were informed by our client that they had worked with two other SEO companies and had a terrible experience with them. There were so many serious issues with our client’s website(s), some of their social media profiles were linked to their competitors versus their own websites, had a number of ‘bad’ links associated to their websites and the list goes on. Our SEO division, SEO Houston-Houston SEO, took on the challenge to turn our client’s situation around. We determined that they only needed one website and we redesigned and optimized it. And, in less than 3 weeks, from our efforts in optimizing one of their primary keyword/phrases, ‘air duct cleaning Houston’, it was and still is ranked on the 1st Page of Google organic search. Also, out of 5 service areas that our client performs, we were successful in getting 4 of their services on the 1st Page of Google organic search and a few of them have Rank Positions between 1 and 3. Our client can be found in over 150 keyword searches.

We dedicate our time and energy in getting our clients increased Google organic search rankings.  The 1st Page gets the most traffic which will turn into leads and eventual sales!

We look forward to helping your company succeed. Please contact us, today at (713) 591-4354 so that we can help you get your business the very best possible search engine placement!


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